Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Last woman to defeat Ronda Rousey 'would really love to punch her'

Edith Bosch, a judo player from the Netherlands, ended Rousey’s dream of winning an Olympic title in 2008, defeating her at the quarterfinal stage.

“I had short hair, I was looking brutal,” Bosch said in an interview with MMAjunkie, a member of the USA TODAY Sports network. “My attitude and my mindset was, ‘You are in my way, I am going to kill you, because I want to get a medal.’ ”

“Everything starts with the weigh in,” Bosch said, when asked what made Rousey unpopular among her fellow judokas. “Everybody is always silent and quiet because a lot of people have to lose weight. When she got into the weigh-in room she was  talking loud and all busy, and wearing pajamas. I always looked at her and I wondered, ‘Okay, for her (the fight) already starts here.’
“On the mat she is a bitch,” Bosch continued. “But you have to be. I was too. We didn’t talk.”
“Bosch said. “Of course you are wondering what would happen if I picked up MMA as well and we were in a cage and really got it on.”I would really love to punch her though,” Bosch said.
“That was my childhood dream and I spent my whole life in pursuit of (gold),” said Rousey, 28. “I had to give that up and come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t for me. I have always been heartbroken from that.”

“If I did win the Olympics I wouldn’t have this never-ending resource of motivation,” Rousey said. “Every time I go out to defend my title it is another chance to redeem myself, but it is never quite an Olympic gold medal.
“In judo you train your whole life and you have one day to be an Olympic champion and that’s it. You have one shot in your whole life. You can never compare to that pressure.”

Full Video Interview Here -- http://bcove.me/5u557gkc

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